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Why did Maria Bello leave NCIS?

Why did Maria Bello leave NCIS - FaQWiki

NCIS is one of the most popular television shows of all time, having aired for over 18 seasons and counting. The show has seen many beloved characters come and go over the years, but one departure that left fans particularly puzzled was that of Maria Bello, who played Special Agent . . . Read more

Who Plays Mabel in Gravity Falls?


Gravity Falls is a beloved animated television series that captivated audiences of all ages during its run from 2012-2016. At the heart of the show is the dynamic relationship between twin siblings Dipper and Mabel Pines, who spend their summer in the mysterious and supernatural town of Gravity Falls, Oregon. . . . Read more

Why did Mikey leave Tough as Nails?

Why did Mikey leave Tough as Nails - FaQWiki

Tough as Nails is a popular reality TV show that tests the physical and mental strength of its contestants through various challenges. Mikey was one of the contestants in the show who was known for his impressive performance in the challenges. However, he left the show under controversial circumstances, leaving . . . Read more